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Time Table & Works. Time Management is a topic that requires attention of every age group. We all have workloads, whether we are students or office workers or freelancers or cottage or home workers. We all have some or more sort of works.
In this blog I will be giving some more information about time management. I will discuss and share the concept and pros of making a proper time table.
Let’s learn a little more about Time management.

Thinking about the word "Time Table".

What is Work time table?

In simple words, Work Time Table is a kind of structured representation that is made to decide and allot proper time to proper chores.

Why Time Table?

There are many uses of Time table but here are the top most three uses:

  • Time Management: Time table is made to allocate proper time hence helps a lot for time management. We generally procrastinate about things that we are supposed to do, but we do not complete that!
    A proper time table would help us to avoid our procrastination and to do our work on time, it is an kind of reminder.
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  • Reduce Mental Stress: Time Table also helps in reducing mental stress. After we allocate proper time to chores, those works do not seem vast then.
    We generally procrastinate about things but we do not move our eye lids to do that. These work-load becomes heavier as time passes, and creates stress.
    This kind of stress leads to headache but we continue to procrastinate about doing things.
    A Proper Time Table can help us to reduce our mental work load stress!
  • Maintains Discipline: Discipline is the key to achieve our goals, if we are disciplined to do our works on time- we can achieve a lot. Time table helps us to maintain discipline throughout the work process.

Time tables makes us disciplined & helps us to do our chores on time by reducing the procrastination and mental stress.

How to Make a Proper Time Table?

Time Tables that generally fails are like this:
(Below examples have chores of a student, you might have different chores. The examples are just for clearance.
Try to understand about the concept.)

Your daily chores and works may differ, This example is to make clear about WRONG TIME TABLE FORMAT.

7:00 AM to 8:00 AMWake Up & All.
8:00 AM to 10:00 AMStudy
10:00 AM to 12:00 PMHomework
12:00 PM to 2:00 PMLunch & Games
2:00 PM to 5:00 PMTuition
5:00 PM to 6:00 PMRest
6:00 PM to 8:00 PMTuition Work
8:00 PM to 10:00 PMDinner & TV then Sleep
(Wrong Type of Time Table Format)

Believe me, this kind of time table Never Works.
Making a time table that works require proper idea of the works that we have.
We should not allot proper time as all days are not fixed, and we can not work according to proper fixed timings.

Time Table

If we can’t work according to proper fixed timings then what is the point of making a time table?

Yet we are not robots but we know the around timings to complete our works, let’s take my example:
(I’ll share a correct kind-of time table too)
I take a hour or two to properly research about the topic on which I’ll write a blog but that is not fixed! So I can’t allot a proper time on the above time table but what alternatively I can do is, I can set an “around time” to do the work for eg; say 2 hours is maximum and I can’t exceed that timing.
And if I complete my blog before the maximum time limit, I’ll go to research about another topic or I’ll work for website.

The Point is, we shouldn’t allot a fixed time with flexible work, rather we should fix the work with flexible timings!


Morning chores1 hourFixed
Study 2 hours (before 11:00AM)Tentative
Homework1 hour (before 12:00 PM)Tentative
Void Time & Breakfast2 hourFixed
Revision30 min (before 3:00 PM)Tentative
Tuition3 hoursFixed
Homework1 hourTentative
Revision, dinner & Sleep30 minTentative
Right Time Table Following Guy.

Here in the above example table I have mentioned :

  1. Fixed Timings: If I’ll complete my work before the mentioned time then I’ll do whatever I want.
  2. Tentative Timings: Those timings that are not fixed and can be done 30 min earlier or would take 30 min more.
  3. Before time Periods: The “before time” is added to show the importance of the next chore hence at any instance we won’t exceed the work more, but up to before time.
  4. Void Time: The Void Time section is added so that if any of the above work is not completed on time then we can continue to do that work in the void time. We can complete the unfinished work in the “Void” time.
    There can be More than one “Void time” in your time table the above time table is just for an example to give you a perfect multidimensional overview.

Time Table & Works. This’s it, this is how you can make your own time table. No one except you knows your work efficiency and capability to complete a task. That’s why it’s preferred to learn from peoples but use your own brain to work on things.

Do I have to make my time table in tabular format only?

No, You are not supposed to design your time table there is no sense in wasting much time to make a good looking time table. Rather a blank page with rough timings can work a lot!

Blank Page

Time Tables are for your good not for show off, hence they should be made in a way that’s understandable and not so fancy to show off!

When should I update my time table?

I prefer to update your time table at the start of every day, we do not have same days. Hence it is advised to update your work time table daily.
Everyday is different so we should update our work time table daily – at the start of the day.

Girl making her time table in morning

I do that and you should too! Have a great day, there’s never late to start anything it’s just our thoughts.
Stop Procrastinating and start working according to your Time Table.
Thanks for reading till the end.
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