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Real Reason Of Anime Fanbase


Real Reason Of Anime Fanbase – Anime generally refers to a Japanese style of animated  movies, in which specialized exaggerated colour are used – with eye catching characters.

Anime have a great loyal fanbase, a report of 2021 shows that over 2.88 billion loyal fanbase of anime is present, which was more than one third of total population of world.

In this blog we are going to know why anime have so much big fanbase.

Reasons For their so loyal fanbase are:

Coloured Characters:

Colours that are used in anime are so vibrant and unique that attracts viewers and retains their attention. These colours are eye catching as well as the details that are present in the things as well a in characters are so sharp that they makes the character so unique and eye retaining.

Example: light yagami , Naruto Uzumaki, etc…

Unique fantasies

Anime are not only based on fantasy- things though, the content delivery by anime writers are such that they let their viewers to escape the real world and to fantasise the same as they want. This is what nowadays peoples like, specially teenagers to explore the world they can only fantasise, anime writers deliver the content in form of media format, viewers feel connected watching anime.

Example: One piece, Attack on titan etc…

Long storyline

Though all of us just don’t feel satisfied if the story is too short or short as per our expectation. The long time running stories of anime thus plays an important role here then. The stories that are introduced by the anime writers are such vast and diversified that they are just unbeatable, giving satisfaction to their oldest viewers too making them feel special too- as a unique viewer, thus retaining a great audience retention.

Example: Sazae san ( +7800 episodes), Lan Mao (+ 2500 episodes), etc…

Diversified story and genres.

The storytelling in anime are so unique, every character of anime series/ movie have some or more importance it which makes anime more interesting. Many times new characters are introduced in such a professional way that directs whole of the story in different direction i.e. plot twists & suspense is also present.

Example: Naruto: Shippuden, Death note, etc…

Anime have diversified genres, one can chose any genre they can even think and there will be a lot of animes present, Thus fulfilling their viewers need.
Though, there are five main- important genres of anime shonen, shojo, seinen, josei & kodomomuke.

Example: Attack on titan, one piece, etc…

Cultural representation & Fan engagement

Though anime are made such that they attract teenagers but their writers represent Japanese culture by various ways which indirectly promotes Japanese culture among teen viewers too.. Through Anime Japanese Culture have gained popularity worldwide.  

Anime story lines are unique, as discussed earlier.
Though it have a large fanbase thus when two viewers meet then they start to predict about the next episode. This makes those anime viewers distinctive and give them different feeling.

Example: kabukibo, Hanasaku Iroha, etc…

These are those things that makes a anime different from any other animated series or movies or anything. These all things makes anime so distinctive yet worldwide there are many  peoples who regularly watches anime.

Anime fanbases are unique and the art is really appreciable.

This blog is written to provide information about anime and the real reason for this much big & loyal fanbase of anime, education through entertainment content helps people to understand better – with interest.

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Thanks Readers for reading till the end.

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