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LGBTQ+ : Love without Labels

What is LGBTQ+?

LGBTQ+ : Love Without Labels – SussEye. LGBTQ+ is actually an acronym for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgenders & Queers while “+” in the end denotes other sexes like pansexuals, non-binaries, asexuals, intersex individuals & many more…
Peoples who are not male or females i.e. those who possessed different sex faced persecution, social stigmatization, & discrimination hence this community was formed to help other sexes to enjoy their rights.

LGBTQ+ Flag.

More Information About LGBTQ+:

Lesbian: This term is generally referred to women.
Women who are emotionally, sexually and romantically are attracted to other women are termed as “Lesbians”.

Gay: This term is generally referred to men.
Men who are emotionally, sexually and romantically are attracted to other men are termed as “Gay”.

Bisexuals: This term is used to refer those genders who are attracted with the same gender and other genders too.
Bisexuals are attracted to their same genders and other genders so they are called “Bi” which means more than one i.e. Two.

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TransGenders: This term is mostly interpreted wrong, transgenders are those peoples whose gender identity differs from the gender to which they were assigned at the time of birth.
For example; A baby who was assigned as girl after birth birth but identifies as male are called as “Transgender Male” & vice versa.

Queers: This is a broad & flexible term used in the LGBTQ+ acronym.
Queer is not a specific gender but it includes many other genders who are not expected according to societal norms. It includes genders who are not binary i.e. male or female.
Queer includes Gay, Bisexuals, Transgenders, lesbian, pansexuals, asexuals, & many more.

Timothy Herbert, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Do these Genders really exist?

It is not a matter of debate, LGBTQ+ genders are identified as valid gender identities.
Peoples whose genders are except binaries i.e. male and female are thought as mentally ill persons but it is completely false.

American Psychological Association (APA) & World Health Organisation (WHO) both removed the term “Homosexuality” from their list of mental illness, in the year 1973 and 1990 respectively.
People who consider LGBTQ+ community or people with other genders as mentally ill peoples those are supposed to be enlightened up the “Correct” knowledge.

LGBTQ+ are real and are recognised in the whole world but yet they face problems due to the societal norms, they do not even reveal their gender identity due to this.

Snakamelian, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

What is the difference between Intersex individuals, Bisexual & Transgender?

These terms may sound collapsing – confusing.
Here is the simple way to understand three of them:

MeaningIntersex Individuals are born with sexual genitals that does not fit with binary definitions of male or females.Bisexuals are those individuals that are attracted to both i.e., to their same gender & with other genders too.Transgender are those individuals that are attracted to the different genders as compare to which they are assigned.
Genital Structure-These do not have any specific kind of genital structure.
-These may have penis, vagina or both.
-This sexual category doesn’t depend on the genital organ. -Individuals are categorised because of their sexual attraction.Transgender may have penis or vagina or other intersexual variations.
VisibilityIntersex individuals can not be categorised by just their appearance.Bisexuals can not be identified immediately as they are categorised on the basis of their attractionTransgender may or may not be immediately recognised as they differ from the gender identity to which they were assigned at the time of their birth.

What are Binaries & Non-Binaries?

LGBTQ+ : Love Without Labels – SussEye. Binaries is a broad category which is perfectly aligned according to societal expectations that is male or female.

While Non-Binaries is the broad category that includes diverse other genders that do not fit in binary category.
Non binaries can have penis, vagina or both or other kind of sexual or non-sexual organs.
We should be knowing that presence of specific genital organs does not determines someone’s gender identity.

Note: Intersex, bisexual, & transgender individuals can not be directly categorised as non-binaries.
Non-Binaries can be Intersex, bisexual or transgender.
But Intersex, Bisexual & transgender can not be necessarily Non-Binaries.

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