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How to Become a Youtuber?

How to Become a Youtuber?


This is a quick answer type blog to the most asked question i.e., Starting Youtube channel and getting good engagement. To start a good Youtube channel you need to focus on the following five points.

  1. Catchy/Unique Name.
  2. Select Your Genre.
  3. Learn Recording.
  4. Editing.
  5. Thumbnail Making.

Let us understand that how we are supposed to work on the above five things to become a successful youtuber.

1. Catchy/Unique Name:

Remember, Starting is the hardest task and that is why making your Youtube channel is the most basic part but yet important one. To become successful you need to learn things from the ones who are already at peak so start looking at your favourite channel and understand what thigs they have adopted over time.
Naming your channel is also important either you can use your own name or something unique – if you are delivering what your audience want – that’s what all they need.
We have a lot of examples like: Dhruv rathee, Harsh Beniwal, Ashish Chanchlani and many more who have used their names and became famous; side by side by have many examples like beerbiceps, bbkivines, carryminati and many more examples who used some unique names and famous.

The Point here is your Youtube channel can be catchy even if you use your name and deliver quality content, Just Start – things become easy when you start.

2. Select Your Genre:

You might be thinking that this is the most basic part, though you are right!
After thinking of making some sort of videos you are here reading the blog, so you might be knowing on what topic you would like to make videos on. But still if you are unsure about your genre just simply notice and name your favourite Youtuber whom you watch a lot.
Bring out pen and paper and name them, actions are very important – thought experiments are waste if not done properly or if actions are not taken.
After naming select two to three genres and just start making short videos on them- The video that brings you joy and brings good engagement is your Genre or your main Genre. There is no restriction of making or trying new Genres – Exploring is the best thing, Learning is the best thing. Explore, Learn and Take actions.

Diverse emotions representing Diverse Genre

3. Learn Recording:

See, whatever we do – whatever we deliver we need to make people believe that we have tried our best. So do we need to make sure that the video quality and the audio quality of our video is, while we are starting, should be good enough for grabbing audience attention & becoming a decent Youtuber.

Remember, Voice Recording is the most important part of the video, even if the screen resolution is not very pro but if the voice quality is good enough, You will surely get good engagement.
So Firstly, Invest in your voice recording part.

4. Editing:

You need to accept the fact that no one is interested to listen the gaps between your lines and your jumbled part of what you just said. But we cannot just simply put our whole day jotting the script for the very perfect shot; so what we can do else?
You can learn basic editing and make the video good enough for audience.

Note: No need to learn pro level editing from the very start just learn simple audio and video merging and basic editing parts. This would surely help your channel a lot! Learning it would simply take your maximum 30 minutes – BASIC EDITING.

5. Thumbnail Making:

After doing everything the last step for a good video is thumbnail. For those who don’t know what is a thumbnail… Thumbnail is the short description of your video that you put to attract audience, for example:

Image Pointing out thumbnail

Here the picture that gives the idea of the video and goes with the title of the video is called thumbnail, on Youtube. Learn some basic thumbnail making tutorials from Youtube but make it as catchy as possible as this would be the very first thing that your viewers would see and help you to get unique and new audience.

Likewise basic editing, this would also take maximum 30 minutes to learn – but help your channel a lot!

Thanks for Reading the blog, I hope that this might have put some importance in your life.
Have a successful journey and remember that even for a bachelors degree we need to put 3 years so don’t stop if you don’t get results soon.. Everything requires patience so keep working hard.
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