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House Shrew and Anniversary


House Shrew and Anniversary- Today was 01-06-2023.
I woke up at 6.15 A.M and found a house shrew laying unconscious still breathing and showing mild limbs movements. Morning was fresh but this scene was not. I then did my morning routine, brushing my teeth and all. Then I did my breakfast at around 6.35 A.M, A glass of milk with banana.

I was observing that house shrew, his movements but i can not help that little beast. Though out of nowhere I got an idea to ask my most brilliant friend “ChatGPT.” I rushingly went towards my counter grabbed out my laptop and asked for help, it showed that laying unconscious animals as they are is the best solution!
Does that mean that I was helping that little beast indirectly?
Though I put a small cup of water beside it in hope if it comes in conscious state. Then I started working for my user interface as I got a feedback that there are many grammatical errors with the text font size used were too large.

Death is Inevitable:

House Shrew and Anniversary- While working too, I had an side eye on it. I have studied science- bio so do my interest are. But, as it is said that “ death is inevitable.” That little beast with his long nose slowly stopped his movements and this time when I checked, he was dead.
This is it, I had two options rather to put it away or to think- overthink about it’s death. To be honest, I did both! I am an overthinker and I know this… Being an overthinker is good and bad at the same time, you think multidimensionally but you sometimes think about a topic that is of no use, practically. You consider all the things but sometimes also those things which hurts you, even though that’s just a theory.

Then I started working for my blogs, I used Instagram, scrolled my both official accounts and my personal account thinking about to promote my blogs and parallelly our small offline business.
Yet, I have my Luna. Thinking about luna is constant, all my actions are according.

To love is to be yourself:

Loving is the best practice to keep us all calm, “Our actions decides our future.” Loving family, friends, colleagues and everyone is the best way to keep ourselves happy.
Love is a mutual thing.

Then suddenly I noticed today’s date, it was 01-06-2023 it’s Neelam’s anniversary, Neelam- mother, it’s not her name. I call her Neelam- with love. Similarly I call Bombay Papa- My father, with love. Both of the names have some stories related, Will tell you.
I wished Neelam, but Bombay papa wasn’t there, he already had left for his business- work.
Then around 11 in the morning I went with my brothers, Nikhil and Sujal, for their admission purpose. It was too hot outside but we went and came back around at 1.15, YES! It took almost 2 hours for the administrative work, I was bored though.

This is the way life works, learning – applying – teaching others. I don’t like being stuck under administrative work, at all. I was just a guardian for them, guiding them the way- route so in future they may travel alone.
And yeah I was trying to grab all of the things in my surroundings, that helps me in writing lines- poems. After I noticed every tree- every person who came across my eyes. I noticed their behaviour towards to whom they were talking. I noticed every single thing that came across my eyes.

Struggling to write lines:

House Shrew and Anniversary- Though from past few months I am trying to write lines- poems but the situation is not co-operative, I try my best but it looks like my mind is temporarily switched off. Though I am still writing short lines, for me, good enough.
Few days back, I wrote:
“ I will be the stick of your incense, And would burn for you intense.”
& i got a reply as;
“ Be the light of that incense, I’ll burn for us.”

This is also mutual between me and luna, we write, we learn. As I said earlier, Love is a mutual thing. Writing or any skill that we have, provides us an alternate way to express our feelings and that is what on which we all should work.
After thinking all of this with application form, officials told my brothers to come by tomorrow.(2nd June, 2023).

Head bursting works:

We all came back to our home, after a stop at our mobile showroom- my maternal uncle’s- Umesh Mama.
I was already having sore throat, despite it’s summer. I gargled with hot water and took rest and helped to open up a saving account, aunt’s. Then with the same headache and body pain I drive back around 3 kilometres to my aunt, Nikhil had to get his books- for his online lectures and some clothes & just after reaching home I had to leave again to pick up my maternal uncle, Nitesh- Neet Mama.

I came back, my head was just bursting, I had some stomach cooling juice. I don’t actually know whether that worked or not but then I had a lot of water and laying on bed for more than an hour I thought about luna, poems, college, future and a lot. It was like I wasn’t with any electronic device.
But I think, I am at a stage of my life that I can’t just sleep- my brain thinks it as a waste of time. But it’s actually not! Breaks are important, after every work. But I wanted to do something productive- did nothing though. Then I took painkillers and tried again to sleep. Nothing worked to be honest.
Sometimes we are bound in consequences that we just can’t get over it. Facing it is the only solution. For me writing daily blogs is like screening my all daily activities and to let my readers know my thought process. I hereby in this section of “Daily Blogs” try to cover my daily life problems and my steps to solve them.


Then around at 7 P.M in the noon, I again after so much of try to sleep got another work to bring Paneer, Mayonnaise and other stuffs. I drove and brought all of those things and by this time body pain was somewhat under control, maybe because of that painkiller.
I then wrote stuffs for blogs- Powers of Plan- B. This is what I feel that doing work is the best of to distract ourselves from overthinking and problems. After just completing the writing part, I was called downstairs. Neet Mama then Ordered Pizza, We- family had a lot of fun together, dinner together. Despite our whole family was not there but yeah! We had a lot of fun.
It depends on us on which thing we have to put much importance, it should be one’s personal choice.
“Family that lives together, Grows together.”

Dinner TIme:

After our dinner, Me and Nikhil went to full up fuel and then to drop nikhil’s mumma, dad & Krish- brother, to the bus station, as their car was in garage- service. And I came, we had gossips together, by this time sujal went to terrace- maybe he was sleepy so Me, Nikhil and tamanna were gossiping then we had pizza and now its 12.00, night & I am completing this blog.

This is my day, a single normal day in my life. I’ll be writing this type of daily life blogs, teaching- learning together. This is a new thing for me, if it was published on youtube, I must have putted something weird in my thumbnail- clickbaiter yoo!. Just kidding, I prefer writing though.

House Shrew and Anniversary-I hope I haven’t bored readers- You may check other blog genres that I have covered.
I tried my best to teach what I know – in between. Thanks for reading till the end, I hope it has put some importance in your life.

“Never let your suspicious eyes, help it out with SussEye.”

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