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Guru Purnima – Honoring Teachers that embraces our life with their knowledge and their experiences.
We believe the journey of life starts with lessons and ends with lessons but who actually teaches us the real knowledge of life is none other than Our Gurus, Our Teachers, Our Parents, and God.

They’re the ones because of whom we know the real motive of life in this world.

The ultimate knowledge comes from them, our Gurus. On this great day, we are here to spread the minimum knowledge about it.
In this blog we will learn more about Guru Purnima.

•What is Guru Purnima?

Guru purnima (poornima) is a holy devout festival to show respect to all the scholastic Gurus, occasion celebrated by Hindus, Buddhists and Jains in the month of June-July (Ashadh).

• Why it is Celebrated?

Culturally, we celebrate this festival in honour to facilitate and to show respectful gratitude towards our teachers. 15000 years back, On this auspicious day Sadhguru was also born, Sadhguru: Our first Guru.

Guru purnima is that full moon day when the first Yogi transformed himself into the Adi-guru “
– The first Guru

Our first Guru or teachers are given the importance of God, in Hindu religion.
Lord Shiva is not God; he has been seen as an Adi-Yogi, said the Sadhguru.

•History of Guru Purnima

Guru Purnima honours Ved Vyasa, known as one of the most honoured Gurus of ancient India.

Veda Vyasa, structured the four Vedas, composed the epic of the Mahabharata, created the foundation for the many Puranas and the vast encyclopaedias of Hindu sacred lore.

Guru Purnima represents the date on which Lord Shiva as the Adi-Guru or original teacher taught the seven rishis who were the seers of the Vedas. Yoga Sutras considers Ishvaras as Pranavas or Om as Adi Guru of Yoga. Another side at Sarnath Lord Buddha have delivered his first sermon which reflects the power of that sacred time.

•Significance of the Guru Purnima.

An old Sanskrit phrase “Mata Pita Guru Deivam” assigns that the very first place for our mother, the next one is for our father, the third position is for guru and the last fourth position is for God.
Teachers are superior than Gods.

Thus we celebrate Guru Purnima to honour our teachers, who removed the darkness from our minds and life. They have had a special place in the lives of their followers since ancient times.
All the religious devout books of Hinduism dedicate the importance of Gurus and the bond between a Guru and his student (shishya).

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