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Circumcision – Khatna

What is circumcision ? Khatna and circumcision are same?

Circumcision means removal of foreskin of male external genitalia- penis. It is a process that is done by removing the prepuce of male penis by surgical means.

Circumcision does not directly affects sexual drive though because prepuce have so many nerve endings connected  that’s why it is believed.

In some cultures it is also performed for various reasons while if we see scientifically then those males who have problems with their extra large prepuce leading to infections are required to do that so. While it is not necessary for every male.

It is misunderstood yet khatna generally refers to the circumcision of female genitalia which is not beneficial for females at all and can lead to life threatening issues, While Circumcision refers to male circumcision which may not be necessarily harmful to males.

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