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What are affiliate links & how it works?

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What Kind of Affiliate Links do we provide?

Affiliate disclosure – SussEye.We value trust and integrity of our readers, we value you and thus we try to provide the best product that may add some value to you, we overview ratings and purchases.
Our reviews and recommendations are based on our own experiences and judgements, yet you must try to cross check reviews and ratings for personal clarification.

Decisions and Transparency:

Yet we strive to provide accurate, reliable and up-to-date information but it’s important to note that we do not guarantee the accuracy, reliability or completeness of any information or recommendations that is provided at SussEye. We encourage you to do your own research and make informed decisions based on your own judgement.

By using affiliate links on SussEye, we generate revenue after your every purchase that help to run our website. Your Support helps those readers who needs free blog posts and you help them indirectly. Your support is Greatly appreciated.

SussEye – Amazon Affiliate Program

SussEye is a participant of Amazon Services LLC Associate Program. It is an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn fees. Amazon provide affiliate link of products and recommending products through that link can help affiliate participant to earn.

Note: We are not responsible for any kind of loss or harm that these Third-Party apps/links may cause. SussEye strictly recommends to read those apps/websites respective Privacy Policy and Terms Of Services prior submission of any personal data.


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