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At SussEye, we aim to help readers through the diversified content that we provide. Our only motive is to save time of our readers by providing concise content to our readers, Our every Genre is particularly designed in a way to help our readers.
Blog is the best way to gain knowledge in a short span of time without any distraction. Our every topic is based on our Reader’s Need, we choose topics that we get from Contact Form Submissions & from Comments too.
We are here to be your trusted platform to gain accurate & reliable knowledge.
We are a family, we all have SussEye, we are #susseyecrew.

Our Story – Our Inspiration

SussEye was born because of the needs that we noticed, The only thing that Inspired us to build this community is the demand of knowledge that nowadays teenagers require. We want our readers to stay updated with the “accurate data”.
Accurate data is what nowadays peoples require and our main motive is to help our readers with that.
SussEye was founded on 23rd May, 2023 with the only aim to help our readers.

MultiGenre Approach

MultiGenre Approach is what we have chosen because we know that nowadays peoples require things diversified, we understand them. We publish blogs on different Genres and we have diversified Genre, then also our writers specifically work on genres in-depth.
SussEye – We understand our readers and we are here to cater their needs with all of the categories that we have.
There is always something available on SussEye.

SussEye Team – Family.

Like the pillars of an Attractive dome, SussEye is maintained by our expert writers with the knowledge of diverse genres. Behind SussEye there is a dedicated team, that work on Researching, Writing, Cross-Checking, Publishing and Advertising the Blog.

Our Team works with the dedication of helping our readers, understanding our readers.

Approaches & Values

Our commitment to help our peoples with the reliable things, we aim to provide legit data by relying on different sources that we have. We concise all the things at SussEye.
Our need is to put some value to our readers, we want to make our readers updated from cultural, historical, religious things to the economical & scientific things happening around us.

Our blogs are designed in a way that we try to divide even the deepest topics into Questions and answers as we want to develop critical thinking approach among our readers.
We provide contents primarily in “English” language and side by side we provide the same quality content in “Hindi” language too, to help our Hindi language readers- for the ease of understanding we don’t provide those heavy words of Hindi, in spite we try to use simple Hindi words in our blogs.

Community Engagement & Feedbacks

We want to build a community that can help those peoples who are in problems, there are many problems that we think are not good to even talk about.

We understand those things and that’s why we aim to answer those things through the blogs that we publish.

Comment section is the section provided down in each blog to help readers engagement while Contact Form is provided in the menu bar to help those peoples who want help by maintaining their confidentiality.

The only thing that improves us is our readers engagement with and the Feedback that we receive. We all teach we all learn. Let’s learn and Teach together.

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It’s always better to fill the void time of our life. SussEye aims to help readers to fill that void time through the MultiGenre Content.

“Never Let Your Suspicious Eyes As Such, Help It With SussEye.”

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"Never let your suspicious eyes as such, help it with SussEye."

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