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A day in my life.


A day in my life: I am Ashish Shah, in this blog I am sharing my day with my readers. I wrote all the things that i did – observed and learned today!

Today was 02-06-2023. I slept at 12.30 last night so I didn’t woke up so early, woke up at 6.50 in morning. I had to publish my first daily blog video and Power of Plan B. So I did my morning routine and all in hurry and Grabbed my seat to complete remaining writing portion and upload.

Learning is a long running game-

Learning is a long running thing, we can’t just learn everything rapidly. I have just started blogging so it takes me time, still, to upload a blog and to set a proper readable UI (User Interface). What I believe is learning with doing things is the best method, rather than learning first (theoretically) and doing later (practically). We learn from our mistakes so If we do things while learning we will get knowledge about those mistake that we are not supposed to do, later in future.

I started editing from 7.15 A.M to 9.45 A.M, almost took 2.30 hours to just publish a single blog. I was about to wrap up then I received a call from Aryan- Friend, we discussed about college and courses. Then I did my bath and all afterwards. Still I had sore throat, body ache with rhinorrhea.

Keep your loved ones close to you-

Keeping your loved one closed to you is not really bad. Having friends is not a crime, but the thing is we should choose our friends- our people wisely. Sometimes it’s just those outer things that attracts, of some peoples, and we join their group. Here my wordings, THEIR GROUP is very important, “Their Group” denotes that they are constantly such but you are temporary, You will try to be their friend, they will spoil you and you will leave that group after being spoiled up. We should try to not get attracted towards fancy things, blindly. Mark my words- Spoofing bad Peoples- kills your character in front of others.

So, Choosing the right friend circle should be the most important thing. Having a small friend circle is not really bad.

Observing things around-

After the call, I went to my bank to deposit money with Nikhil, it was sunny outside but it really felt soothing to my body. I don’t really knew the matter with me, it’s too hot days going on and I still want warm air- sun. Weird, isn’t it?

At the bank, I noticed that the workers- their interests for their work, firstly the water tank man at the entry gate then the cheque centre officials and help counter peoples, then the deposit card counter. I went directly towards it, filled up the form as soon as possible & went to the deposit counter- deposited the money and came back, sitting back on the bike.

See, whether you are interested in your work, can be determined by your emotions and your actions while doing your work. Any work can be done in a fancy way if we are interested, but if we are not then we can turn even the fanciest work into boring one. Sometimes we feel that we are bound to do some work, even we don’t want but the work is something that can only help us. It’s just the time and we all know that time changes & every leaf falls. We should not feel bound to our work despite we should do that work with our full efforts, God gives problems to their bravest soldiers.

We came back, Nikhil had his lectures. I corrected some minor errors in blogs, tamanna watched movie and sujal played games. I corrected mistakes and then posted some socials media things on Instagram, still learning to make up a facebook account. Then Nikhil and sujal went for their form submissions and all & this time they went alone.


I thereafter watched the recent mu*der case of Sakshi by Sahil, it was cruel- Really cruel. My soul was just trembled after listening to the cruelty, and parallelly I was in rage too- short time. Then I thought about our society and peoples, the level of ignorance in the case that I noticed was just not really good. I will be uploading a detailed Case Study blog covering this case – “ Cruel Case Of Sakshi.”

Then I talked with mohit- old school friend on a call we discussed about cricket and other things. Then I get back to research some more on the case. By this time, I was feeling somewhat better, atleast my headache was in control. Then I started posting “Power of Plan- B.” It took almost 1.30 hour. Though, Luna’s thoughts are constant. As soon as I completed that, Nikhil and Sujal came back. We talked about everything- the form thing and their experience- travelling alone.

Then, we all went up. I was able to see my moon above but there were clouds too- hindering my view. Then we had gossips, discussed about the life in class 11th and 12th as a student. Nikhil will be opting PCM- Science A group, While Sujal will be opting commerce, so he brought his books along. I & tamanna have done our 11th & 12th with bio so we don’t really have much idea about that(commerce).

Kind words gives superpowers-

Sometimes just kind words are enough for motivation, some people argue saying that they had no one “experienced” to guide but I think that they just needed a person who could just keep them calm, by their kind words.


These affirmatory kind words really play a good role for our motivation.

I then went with Nikhil to drop him near bus station, after a stop at Samosa Shop, we had two- two and after dropping I came back. Then finally all the clouds from my luna just got away and I saw my luna. Yooo I was happy, yet my eyes were burning, and after a strict order from spatial being I cooled up my eyes with a cold handkerchief. I already had two samosas but tamanna and that spatial being forced me to have some more and I wasn’t really able to complete that, though I tried my best.

Plus Minus-

We all have some peoples, who care about us. I have watched bhuvan bam’s- PLUS MINUS, that was really good, I would strongly suggest my readers to watch that. We all have some peoples in our life, sometime we have good time with them and sometime bad, what best thing to bring that joy back again in our bad time in our relations is by simply doing PLUS MINUS.

In this, we are supposed to take a paper, and we have to make two columns , one for plus and another for minus, and we are supposed to write minimum 5 points that they did good for us- in the plus column and what they did bad to us in the- Minus column, we are supposed to note the timings for plus and minus columns respectively.
If the minus column took more time, then it’s clear that the person may had done some minus things but that person holds a good position in your life.

After all of this, I came back downstairs, and now I am here completing this blog, its 11.50 PM. I am done with the writing part and will publish this by tomorrow.


My motto is to teach those things that I know through my actions in my day-to-day life. Life is such, we just need to fill our life with interest and everything will seem fancy!

Contact me through the form, down. Let’s discuss ideas, give us topics on which you want a blog on.

Thanks for reading till the end. Have a Great day.

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